Our auto-renewal service

Managing your auto-renewing subscription to YesBackup.

What is the auto-renewal service?

YesBackup Auto-Renewal is the best way to ensure your computer and important files remain backed up and that that backup is always up to date. With auto-renewal your YesBackup account will be automatically extended prior to the expiration date, this means renewals are seamless and your scheduled, automated backups continue to run, uninterrupted.

Stay current your subscription will automatically renew keeping your backed up files as up to date as possible.

Peace of mind with regular backups occurring automatically and auto-renewal your precious files will always be kept safe remotely.

Saves you time we take care of everything to do with billing for you, all information is available anytime in the control panel.

Transferable new PC since signup? Simply login to the control panel to move your backup license between computers.

Accessible backups are accessible anywhere with an internet connection and anytime with auto-renewal.

You can unsubscribe from this service at any time.

How will my subscription be auto-renewed?

Rest assured that nothing special is required from you for auto-renewal to take place, all YesBackup accounts are setup for this by default. To view invoices and information about renewal dates simply visit your control panel.

If it hasn’t been possible to charge your card on file (e.g. the card on file has expired) you will receive an email from YesBackup alerting you to this. Payment details can be updated by visiting the control panel.

How can I cancel auto-renewal?

To turn off this function, please visit your control panel https://my.yesbackup.com and click on the "My Account" tab. There will be an option to disable your auto renewal, under the "Billing and Subscription" section. Just simply click on "Edit" and follow a couple of simple steps to turn off your auto renewal. Alternatively you can email us on billing@yesbackup.com and we will get your payment refunded.

I don't recall signing up for YesBackup, how do I get this money back?

Not a problem, we can investigate how the charge occurred, refund it and ensure any subscriptions are cancelled. Take a look over cc.yesbackup.com for information on what we need from you to correct this and our contact options.